I’m the type of person that loves the heat. I prefer summer over winter hands down. The winter here where I live can be absolutely brutal. I can remember a couple years ago where we had two weeks of negative temperatures it was awful going outside. During those two weeks it kept snowing and the snow never melted it just kept snowing and piling up and piling up and we had a couple feet of snow on the ground that just stayed there. In that two week period the snow got so heavy that it broke a huge branch from one of  the trees on our property. We ended up having to pay a bunch of money for tree removal. Waterford always seem to have especially nasty winters.

I always look forward to the summer time because it is always beautiful and warm and wonderful outside. You don’t have to worry about having to wake up earlier to scrape all the snow off your car and to start your car so it’s actually warm when you get in it. In the summertime you can just sleep in, then you can just get ready and go out and start your car and you’re good to go. The fall and spring where I live is usually hit or miss. It could be sunny and warm one day and then cold cloudy and snowy the very next day here. So summer is where it’s at, although this is an especially humid summer. Not that I’m going to complain because I would rather have the weather we’re having now then have to deal with cold temperatures in the winter. But for the last two months it seems that at least two or three days every week the temperature itself has been in the 90s and then with the humidity and the heat index it feels like 100° outside. And this isn’t a dry heat where it’s somewhat tolerable. This is a sticky, thick and soupy hotness. Today is one of those days.  I woke up at 6 o’clock this morning to go to work, and when I woke up in the temperature outside was 78° and then two hours later it’s 80° and then two hours later it’s gonna be in the 90s and in the afternoon with the humidity and the heat index it’s going to feel like 100 or above. And in all honesty I would preferred this temperature more than I would the snow in the winter but I kind of wish we would have a normal temperature. Is there anywhere in the world where it’s 70 and sunny and just beautiful all the time? Because if there is that is totally where I’m moving.

So, it snowed here is this passed weekend. Not a lot, just enough to let us know that Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor. Just to be clear here, it is not supposed to snow in May. We will always get a snow storm in April, that’s expected, we are aware and even though we don’t welcome it, we don’t complain about it because it will always snow at least once in April. Never in May. Until this year, until this passed weekend when it actually snowed in May. I couldn’t believe it. I was cleaning the house while my husband went to the grocery store and I let our dog out and say snow flakes. I just stared. I was completely dumbfounded. There were these tiny snowflakes fluttering down and around. The snow didn’t stick, the ground was to warm for that  but the point here is that it snowed.

When my husband came home from the grocery store, I told him that it snowed outside, he said that he say that. I just looked at him like I couldn’t believe it. He then said to me “yeah, it sucks babe”. We had planned to mow our lawn today, we had just bought a new riding lawn mower and he was going to show me how to use it. He had already mowed the lawn once with it and said that it was so much fun. We have never had a riding lawn mower before, our yard was never big enough to need one but now we have a house that sits on two and a half lots, so just having a push mower or a self propelled one would take like two hours to mow our lawn. So we decided that he was going to show me how to use the riding mower today. But it snowed. It snowed in May. Because of that we did not mow the lawn.

It is the craziest thing. All of last week was sunny, some days it was in the 60s but some where in the 50s. Then the weekend came and it was raining and snowing and in the 30s and 40s. Now this whole week ahead of us is supposed to be sunny everyday and in the 60s and 70s with the weekend being all sun and in the 70s possible in the 80s. So why, I ask, did it snow this passed weekend? Answer? Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor. Spring is the time for teasing. We spend all winter waiting patiently, sometimes not patiently, for spring to come. When it finally gets here, we get a few days here and there that are just beautiful and get us in the mood for summer. But only just a couple then the weather gets bad for a couple days, then nice, then bad. We get teased so much in spring but to snow? That is just not right at all. I hope that this passed weekend was the end of the teasing from Mother Nature because after experiencing snow in May, I want to cry but I would much more prefer to have summer here already. There is something about the way it feels to walk around barefoot on my freshly refinished wood floors that never gets old.  My husband thinks I’m weird but I just love it. Summer never teases, summer it is always warm, it may rain and we may have some thunderstorms but that’s typically, we can handle that since it will be warm. So please, summer get here already!

Thanks! Enjoy your week…


Mother nature is a force to be reckoned with. She is very temperamental. As much as the weather forecasters seem to think that they can predict what she will do, they never get it  100% right. Especially where I live, it can rain, snow, be sunny and warm or be really chilly all in the same week. Planning outdoor activities you will get a 50/50 chance of nice weather no matter what the weather forecast states. I have just learned to just plan my event and hope for the best. It could be 70s and sunny outside for weeks and then the event day comes and the weather is in the 60s, cold and rainy. The summer holiday’s are hit and miss as well. I remember three years in a row it was cold and rainy on The 4th of July. That made the fireworks and bonfires at night pretty miserable. Yet we all tough it out.

I have pretty much determined that Easter will always be cold, no matter what day it falls on. April is usually more cold than warm. We will get a couple days in a row that are beautiful, in the 70s and sunny. Then for like a week and a half it will be in the 50s to low 60s and rainy, the sun might pop out here and there through out that rainy spell but not nearly for long enough. It likes mother nature is just teasing us with the sun. She can be cruel. Yet she can also be wonderful and kind. Not all of the days that I have planned events are cold, sometimes she hits it just right. I never complain when it warm out, not even when you might consider it too warm, for me it’s never too warm. I love hot, humid days.


However, nothing is better than when mother natures lets loose her wrath and gives us thunder and lightning. Thunder and lightning storms are one of the most amazing events to witness. They are awesome to watch if you have a screened in porch, which I don’t, so I am reduced to sitting in front of my big living room window and watching from the safety of the indoors. If the wind allows, which is usually does, I have the window open to I can here the thunder better. I can remember one night, real late, our power was going in and out, so the fan that we have in our bedroom was turning off than back on again.  One of the coolest memories I have is the time there was a lightning strike right in our front yard.  It literally split a tree in half.  I’m a real light sleeper to the noise of the fan woke me up and when I realized their was a storm outside. I woke my husband up and we went to the living to watch the storm for like a half hour. It was pretty cool.

So the moral of the story is to just plan and enjoy no matter what mother nature throws at you.

Thanks for listening,



This is the best time of year. Being outdoors beats anything you can do inside. There are so many activities to do outdoors from just walking in your neighborhood to camping in the wilderness. From playgrounds to swimming in the lakes. Spring, summer and fall are the best times to be outside unless you are that rare person that loves winter. I’m not. I hate winter. Skiing, sledding, snow boarding, snowmen, snowballs or anything that has to do with snow I do not partake in. But hey, that’s just me, I know that there are a lot of people who love winter and everything that goes with it. However, this blog is about spring and so that is what I’m going to write about.

My husband and I have a house that is near many lakes. There is one that is closest to us that we have lake privileges to,  there is a public access site just down the street from our home, maybe a five minute walk. There is also a park with a wonderful playground near our home, that is just about a ten minute walk away. I baby sit my two nieces a lot and it’s always good to have places to go.  When I get to watch them I let them decide on what they want to do, they are little just six and three so we are limited in that regard to what we can do. But we usually go to the park, that is their favorite place, it has one of those fort type playgrounds in it with lots of different stations that they can play on.  Those types of playgrounds I find are the best kind, they have many things that can be suitable for children of all ages. With basic things like swings and slides, see-saws and merry-go-rounds to the more modern day things like mazes and trapeze rings, crawl tubes and things they can climb on and crawl around in. Nothing wipes a child out more than a playground.

I bought a couple of bikes at a garage sale for them last year, they have bikes at their house too but these I keep at my house. My husband and I have  bikes as well so we go for bike rides a lot when they come. the days that are rally hot we just walked down to the lake and play in the water. When we do this we like to bring a picnic basket with us so we can have lunch on a blanket. I’m not sure why but the girls think this is the greatest thing, to have a picnic on the lake. When we want to have “bigger girl” fun we go to my parents house. They live just about a mile away from me on a lake. They have a pontoon boat and my dad takes the girls tubing. This they enjoy just a little bit more than the picnic or the park. My dad doesn’t go fast but still they have the time of their lives tubing. When do go to grandma and grandpa’s we end up bar-b-queuing on the grill. That’s another great thing to do when the weather is fantastic. Bar-B-Queuing! How come food tastes so much better when you grill it? I don’t know, it just does for some reason. The girls are pretty limited on what they eat, we make them grilled hot dogs, no bun. The six year old only wants ketchup and the three year old eats it plan. They get mac and cheese with the dogs and fruit and that’s it. We make for ourselves burgers and chicken with corn on the cob with a little bit of mac and cheese. So good.

Depending on how the day goes and how tired the girls are we try to have a bonfire. When I have completely worn them out I just give them a bath and get them into their pajamas and we watch a movie and eat popcorn. But when they are up for it my husband will make a bonfire and we hang out in the backyard making s’mores and try to catch lighting bugs. I keep a couple jars handy just in case they catch one. The three year old has yet to catch one but the six year old has caught a couple. Don’t worry I always let them out of the jar when the girls go to sleep. I tell them that a fairy came in the night to bring the bugs back home. They get a kick out of that.

Thanks for reading!


So spring has finally arrived. Its only mid April so why not? I have looked at the calendar for the month and its all sunshine! No more snow and temps below 55 degrees. Finally. It certainly took long enough. Spring and April are my most favorite times of the year because this is when everything starts new and fresh. Where everyone breaks out the sunscreen, shorts and tanks. For me and my husband we break out our bikes and hit the trails!

bike trail

We bought some new bikes a couple years ago. Not mountain bikes or anything practical like that, we went all out. I bought a Night Owl from Electra and my husband bought a Beaumont from Felt. Mine is super light and his is not, so I usually leave him in the dust when we get a straight away or we go up a hill! But I always come back to him because he is a good buddy to have. Springtime is a good time for riding a bike or running or anything having to do with the outside because the weather is perfect. It’s not hot and humid like the summer or freezing cold like winter.  Fall is good to for outdoor activities but its depressing, since we all know winter will be just around the corner.

This is the time of year that we are start to wake up and play outside and to me nothing is better, the lakes are still pretty cold but you can go to the beach and hang out on the freshly cut grass or sand and enjoy the sun and look at the water. You can evening enjoy fishing more now that this is the time that they are more activate and hang out around the surface looking for food instead of being on the bottom trying to stay warm. All the baby animals are out and about, people are taking their dogs on a walk. Which we do quite often. Every time we take our dog on a walk its a new adventure. Our dog, Monkey, yes my husband has a moment of weakness and let me name the dog and I named him Monkey. I love monkeys be will probably never own one so now my dog is a monkey. Anyway, Monkey is blind and so when we take him for a walk he is all over the place. It can really drain you when trying to take care of a blind dog. Sometimes we let him off his leash, we try to keep him near us but sometimes we let him wander and explore. He bumps into things a lot but usually he can sense where things are, its pretty amazing.

We even run with him, not when we actually run for miles, just when we are out walking. We keep his leash close to us and we start jogging and soon enough he is out in front of us running, he loves it, since he trusts us he can run free when we do this. It makes us so happy to see him like this, so we always try to walk/run him as much as possible before the awful winter comes. I hope you all get and enjoy this wonderful weather we are having, I’ll write again as soon as I come back in from being outdoors!



For where I’m from, April means spring time not winter. April means 40-60 degree weather and sunshine more days than not. Not weather in the 20s, 30s, cloudy or snowy, that’s winter not spring. April means budding trees and birds singing, it means the ducks and swans come back to the lakes and start making babies. April means tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and forsynthia blossoms popping up everywhere. Not frost.  For where I’m from, it should be spring but winter will not loosen it’s grip.

Our last two winters were brutal here, we had weather in the -20s for weeks at a time and blizzards every couple weeks. We had over a foot of snow that didn’t melt for months. Needless to say, is that we all longed for spring. Now this passed winter, or should I say, current winter was very mild. Temps were in the 40s and 50s a lot! We did have some days that were in the 20s and 30s but most were pretty awesome. We even had some days that were in the 60s and sunny. I cannot even remember another winter where it was 60 sunny out. So we had it pretty easy this winter. Now it’s spring time and we are having weather in 20s and snowing. What?!? This is not supposed to happen. I don’t care how great our winter was, its still winter. Spring time is supposed to be sunny and warm.

About a month ago we were having days where the temps were 50s and 60s with sunshine galore and it was still technically winter. Now that it’s technically spring we are having temps in the 20s with snow. Ugh. This is so depressing. I just don’t understand mother nature sometimes. All the trees are just staring to bud, our bulb flowers have mostly come and gone now. I can’t remember the last time I saw any forsynthia bushes blooming. Spring time is a season for growth, how is anything going to grow when its cold and snowing? Answer is, things will not grow. Our flowers and bushes are not going to get as big as they usually get because there budding phase is getting cut off.

I guess my point to this blog is that I just want spring to be here already. Winter seems so long and dreary, that I want spring to be here so we all can wake up and be alive again instead of being like bears hibernating in our homes. I have look at the future forecast and it doesn’t look good for the near future. I just hope this April proves true and it’s in like a lion and out like a lamb because the saying of April showers bring May flowers is not going to happen because we are not getting April showers we are getting April snow.

OK, enough complaining here, I promise the next one will be 100% positive…




Food. Is probably the only thing in the world that people need to survive but also can really enjoy. Sure, a roof over your head is convenient and enjoyable but you don’t need it to survive. Having a carpet cleaning company out to clean your floors is obviously not a necessity. Clothes, same. Money, same but I know that a few of you would totally disagree with that.  Food, is essential but more importantly, enjoyable. We all love food, it has become more than a survival instinct, it’s social. We eat everyday, multiple times a day. Sure, some people can go longer than others without eating, sometimes days. However, they have to eat sometime. Some people eat all day long. Some people eat too much and some don’t eat enough. Point is, we all eat.

If you’re health conscience or money conscience, you eat at home a lot. If you’re not, you eat out most often. Eating at home can be boring if you’re like me and don’t have the patience to cook, so you eat hotdogs, mac and cheese, waffles, easy stuff. If you can cook or you have a significant other at home that is an amazing cook, like my husband, you can eat a spectacular meal. I have always hated meatloaf. Some of you don’t even have to ask why. When my husband cooked it for me one night, being the brat that I am sometimes, I told him not to get upset if I didn’t like it. Well I liked it, and now I actually crave meatloaf. Go figure. The down side is that there is a lot of work to do. Not hard work by any means. Scatterbrains like me who can’t focus on a task to long tend to burn food. If I get to many things going at once something is getting burned, especially ifI have something in the oven, that is definitely going to be crispy. Out of sight, out of mind.  I have learned to like all dishes well done.

“Let’s go out to eat”, magic words. No cooking, no dishes, easy peasy. Harder on your body and wallets but wonderful just the same. We all love to eat out. To have someone else cook for us, bring it to us and take it away from us. “You need a refill? Sure, here you go”. Wonderful. Thank you. We all are willing to pay the price for someone else to do that task for us. If you’re like me, you probably get the same thing everywhere you go. Or at least the same thing at the same restaurant. You get it because you know you’re going to like it. You’ve tried being adventurous with your food selection only to have been disappointed. Maybe because the dish itself was bad or deep down you really wanted the same but decided to be different and it failed miserably. So you stick to the same thing. Probably the same dish you would eat at home but it tastes so much better because you didn’t have to do any of the work!


It’s April and we all know that the long, harsh and awful winter is finally going to bed and spring is just stating to wake up! This is my most favorite time of the year. Where all the little tiny buds start to show themselves and renew our lives as well. I always feel like I’m alive again when spring comes, like I have been sleeping for months and now it’s time to start living again.

Nothing is happier than flowers and I hope to tell you all just how happy this makes me. My two favorite things coming together! I just hope that I don’t make you all want to puke with me joyful, happy thoughts. I feel there is so many other things out there that are negative that I wanted to make a positive blog. So I hope I can keep you attention throughout this and that you enjoy as much as me!

Until next time….