Finally Spring

So spring has finally arrived. Its only mid April so why not? I have looked at the calendar for the month and its all sunshine! No more snow and temps below 55 degrees. Finally. It certainly took long enough. Spring and April are my most favorite times of the year because this is when everything starts new and fresh. Where everyone breaks out the sunscreen, shorts and tanks. For me and my husband we break out our bikes and hit the trails!

bike trail

We bought some new bikes a couple years ago. Not mountain bikes or anything practical like that, we went all out. I bought a Night Owl from Electra and my husband bought a Beaumont from Felt. Mine is super light and his is not, so I usually leave him in the dust when we get a straight away or we go up a hill! But I always come back to him because he is a good buddy to have. Springtime is a good time for riding a bike or running or anything having to do with the outside because the weather is perfect. It’s not hot and humid like the summer or freezing cold like winter. ¬†Fall is good to for outdoor activities but its depressing, since we all know winter will be just around the corner.

This is the time of year that we are start to wake up and play outside and to me nothing is better, the lakes are still pretty cold but you can go to the beach and hang out on the freshly cut grass or sand and enjoy the sun and look at the water. You can evening enjoy fishing more now that this is the time that they are more activate and hang out around the surface looking for food instead of being on the bottom trying to stay warm. All the baby animals are out and about, people are taking their dogs on a walk. Which we do quite often. Every time we take our dog on a walk its a new adventure. Our dog, Monkey, yes my husband has a moment of weakness and let me name the dog and I named him Monkey. I love monkeys be will probably never own one so now my dog is a monkey. Anyway, Monkey is blind and so when we take him for a walk he is all over the place. It can really drain you when trying to take care of a blind dog. Sometimes we let him off his leash, we try to keep him near us but sometimes we let him wander and explore. He bumps into things a lot but usually he can sense where things are, its pretty amazing.

We even run with him, not when we actually run for miles, just when we are out walking. We keep his leash close to us and we start jogging and soon enough he is out in front of us running, he loves it, since he trusts us he can run free when we do this. It makes us so happy to see him like this, so we always try to walk/run him as much as possible before the awful winter comes. I hope you all get and enjoy this wonderful weather we are having, I’ll write again as soon as I come back in from being outdoors!



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