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This is the best time of year. Being outdoors beats anything you can do inside. There are so many activities to do outdoors from just walking in your neighborhood to camping in the wilderness. From playgrounds to swimming in the lakes. Spring, summer and fall are the best times to be outside unless you are that rare person that loves winter. I’m not. I hate winter. Skiing, sledding, snow boarding, snowmen, snowballs or anything that has to do with snow I do not partake in. But hey, that’s just me, I know that there are a lot of people who love winter and everything that goes with it. However, this blog is about spring and so that is what I’m going to write about.

My husband and I have a house that is near many lakes. There is one that is closest to us that we have lake privileges to,  there is a public access site just down the street from our home, maybe a five minute walk. There is also a park with a wonderful playground near our home, that is just about a ten minute walk away. I baby sit my two nieces a lot and it’s always good to have places to go.  When I get to watch them I let them decide on what they want to do, they are little just six and three so we are limited in that regard to what we can do. But we usually go to the park, that is their favorite place, it has one of those fort type playgrounds in it with lots of different stations that they can play on.  Those types of playgrounds I find are the best kind, they have many things that can be suitable for children of all ages. With basic things like swings and slides, see-saws and merry-go-rounds to the more modern day things like mazes and trapeze rings, crawl tubes and things they can climb on and crawl around in. Nothing wipes a child out more than a playground.

I bought a couple of bikes at a garage sale for them last year, they have bikes at their house too but these I keep at my house. My husband and I have  bikes as well so we go for bike rides a lot when they come. the days that are rally hot we just walked down to the lake and play in the water. When we do this we like to bring a picnic basket with us so we can have lunch on a blanket. I’m not sure why but the girls think this is the greatest thing, to have a picnic on the lake. When we want to have “bigger girl” fun we go to my parents house. They live just about a mile away from me on a lake. They have a pontoon boat and my dad takes the girls tubing. This they enjoy just a little bit more than the picnic or the park. My dad doesn’t go fast but still they have the time of their lives tubing. When do go to grandma and grandpa’s we end up bar-b-queuing on the grill. That’s another great thing to do when the weather is fantastic. Bar-B-Queuing! How come food tastes so much better when you grill it? I don’t know, it just does for some reason. The girls are pretty limited on what they eat, we make them grilled hot dogs, no bun. The six year old only wants ketchup and the three year old eats it plan. They get mac and cheese with the dogs and fruit and that’s it. We make for ourselves burgers and chicken with corn on the cob with a little bit of mac and cheese. So good.

Depending on how the day goes and how tired the girls are we try to have a bonfire. When I have completely worn them out I just give them a bath and get them into their pajamas and we watch a movie and eat popcorn. But when they are up for it my husband will make a bonfire and we hang out in the backyard making s’mores and try to catch lighting bugs. I keep a couple jars handy just in case they catch one. The three year old has yet to catch one but the six year old has caught a couple. Don’t worry I always let them out of the jar when the girls go to sleep. I tell them that a fairy came in the night to bring the bugs back home. They get a kick out of that.

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