Mother Nature

Mother nature is a force to be reckoned with. She is very temperamental. As much as the weather forecasters seem to think that they can predict what she will do, they never get it  100% right. Especially where I live, it can rain, snow, be sunny and warm or be really chilly all in the same week. Planning outdoor activities you will get a 50/50 chance of nice weather no matter what the weather forecast states. I have just learned to just plan my event and hope for the best. It could be 70s and sunny outside for weeks and then the event day comes and the weather is in the 60s, cold and rainy. The summer holiday’s are hit and miss as well. I remember three years in a row it was cold and rainy on The 4th of July. That made the fireworks and bonfires at night pretty miserable. Yet we all tough it out.

I have pretty much determined that Easter will always be cold, no matter what day it falls on. April is usually more cold than warm. We will get a couple days in a row that are beautiful, in the 70s and sunny. Then for like a week and a half it will be in the 50s to low 60s and rainy, the sun might pop out here and there through out that rainy spell but not nearly for long enough. It likes mother nature is just teasing us with the sun. She can be cruel. Yet she can also be wonderful and kind. Not all of the days that I have planned events are cold, sometimes she hits it just right. I never complain when it warm out, not even when you might consider it too warm, for me it’s never too warm. I love hot, humid days.


However, nothing is better than when mother natures lets loose her wrath and gives us thunder and lightning. Thunder and lightning storms are one of the most amazing events to witness. They are awesome to watch if you have a screened in porch, which I don’t, so I am reduced to sitting in front of my big living room window and watching from the safety of the indoors. If the wind allows, which is usually does, I have the window open to I can here the thunder better. I can remember one night, real late, our power was going in and out, so the fan that we have in our bedroom was turning off than back on again.  One of the coolest memories I have is the time there was a lightning strike right in our front yard.  It literally split a tree in half.  I’m a real light sleeper to the noise of the fan woke me up and when I realized their was a storm outside. I woke my husband up and we went to the living to watch the storm for like a half hour. It was pretty cool.

So the moral of the story is to just plan and enjoy no matter what mother nature throws at you.

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