Snow In May

So, it snowed here is this passed weekend. Not a lot, just enough to let us know that Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor. Just to be clear here, it is not supposed to snow in May. We will always get a snow storm in April, that’s expected, we are aware and even though we don’t welcome it, we don’t complain about it because it will always snow at least once in April. Never in May. Until this year, until this passed weekend when it actually snowed in May. I couldn’t believe it. I was cleaning the house while my husband went to the grocery store and I let our dog out and say snow flakes. I just stared. I was completely dumbfounded. There were these tiny snowflakes fluttering down and around. The snow didn’t stick, the ground was to warm for that  but the point here is that it snowed.

When my husband came home from the grocery store, I told him that it snowed outside, he said that he say that. I just looked at him like I couldn’t believe it. He then said to me “yeah, it sucks babe”. We had planned to mow our lawn today, we had just bought a new riding lawn mower and he was going to show me how to use it. He had already mowed the lawn once with it and said that it was so much fun. We have never had a riding lawn mower before, our yard was never big enough to need one but now we have a house that sits on two and a half lots, so just having a push mower or a self propelled one would take like two hours to mow our lawn. So we decided that he was going to show me how to use the riding mower today. But it snowed. It snowed in May. Because of that we did not mow the lawn.

It is the craziest thing. All of last week was sunny, some days it was in the 60s but some where in the 50s. Then the weekend came and it was raining and snowing and in the 30s and 40s. Now this whole week ahead of us is supposed to be sunny everyday and in the 60s and 70s with the weekend being all sun and in the 70s possible in the 80s. So why, I ask, did it snow this passed weekend? Answer? Mother Nature has a sick sense of humor. Spring is the time for teasing. We spend all winter waiting patiently, sometimes not patiently, for spring to come. When it finally gets here, we get a few days here and there that are just beautiful and get us in the mood for summer. But only just a couple then the weather gets bad for a couple days, then nice, then bad. We get teased so much in spring but to snow? That is just not right at all. I hope that this passed weekend was the end of the teasing from Mother Nature because after experiencing snow in May, I want to cry but I would much more prefer to have summer here already. There is something about the way it feels to walk around barefoot on my freshly refinished wood floors that never gets old.  My husband thinks I’m weird but I just love it. Summer never teases, summer it is always warm, it may rain and we may have some thunderstorms but that’s typically, we can handle that since it will be warm. So please, summer get here already!

Thanks! Enjoy your week…


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