Humid as Hell

I’m the type of person that loves the heat. I prefer summer over winter hands down. The winter here where I live can be absolutely brutal. I can remember a couple years ago where we had two weeks of negative temperatures it was awful going outside. During those two weeks it kept snowing and the snow never melted it just kept snowing and piling up and piling up and we had a couple feet of snow on the ground that just stayed there. In that two week period the snow got so heavy that it broke a huge branch from one of  the trees on our property. We ended up having to pay a bunch of money for tree removal. Waterford always seem to have especially nasty winters.

I always look forward to the summer time because it is always beautiful and warm and wonderful outside. You don’t have to worry about having to wake up earlier to scrape all the snow off your car and to start your car so it’s actually warm when you get in it. In the summertime you can just sleep in, then you can just get ready and go out and start your car and you’re good to go. The fall and spring where I live is usually hit or miss. It could be sunny and warm one day and then cold cloudy and snowy the very next day here. So summer is where it’s at, although this is an especially humid summer. Not that I’m going to complain because I would rather have the weather we’re having now then have to deal with cold temperatures in the winter. But for the last two months it seems that at least two or three days every week the temperature itself has been in the 90s and then with the humidity and the heat index it feels like 100° outside. And this isn’t a dry heat where it’s somewhat tolerable. This is a sticky, thick and soupy hotness. Today is one of those days.  I woke up at 6 o’clock this morning to go to work, and when I woke up in the temperature outside was 78° and then two hours later it’s 80° and then two hours later it’s gonna be in the 90s and in the afternoon with the humidity and the heat index it’s going to feel like 100 or above. And in all honesty I would preferred this temperature more than I would the snow in the winter but I kind of wish we would have a normal temperature. Is there anywhere in the world where it’s 70 and sunny and just beautiful all the time? Because if there is that is totally where I’m moving.

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