relevant things ;)

Hi! I’m Olivia, I love writing, so whats a better way to tell the world about myself than a blog? There’s no better way. So here I am with this blog. This one is going to be about flowers. I love flowers, there is nothing better than watching, caring and enjoying flowers. Except maybe writing about watching, caring and enjoying flowers!

I grew up in a typical neighborhood, my mom had a garden just like the other houses on our street but she mostly had the usual flowers. Lilies, roses, daisies, tulips, etc. Which are beautiful. Not until I started to work in flower shop did I realize that was just the tip of the iceberg. Than after a couple years I started working in a greenhouse. WOW! There are so many varieties of flowers out there!

This type of vocation I knew in my heart was meant for me, from sweltering in the summer time to freezing in the winter, I will continue to work with flowers the rest of ┬ámy life! I hope you readers enjoy this blog. If you do or don’t and would like to contact me, I can always be reach via my contact page. Thanks and Enjoy!